Adrian C. Murray
Louisville, KY

I am a student of life as well as light. I started out in photography as a way for me to document my family. I felt there was a need for us to have moments frozen in time that would help us hold onto some of our most cherished memories. Some of the photos of my children have been featured in magazines, tv shows, and blogs across the world. While at first I was a bit apprehensive to share our lives with a larger audience, I also feel like these images help connect people with their own memories and families. This is one of the strengths of photography, to allow some moments to live for a lifetime; and sometimes, those moments can impact more than just those closest to the subject.

I have since incorporated other avenues of photography into life. Our world can be so beautiful that I feel like I need to capture how I like to see it. We each have our own set of glasses which we perceive the world through. I think it’s important for us all to not only capture what we see, but embrace the internet and let the world see it as well.

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