Blazing trails


Sponsored by Zappos

Here’s for a bit of irony: on our most recent brand work Zappos had a rather specific theme in mind : how we use Merrells to blaze our own trail, what they didn’t realize was that I had quite literally been blazing my own trail (a la quitting that dental life and figuring out the world of the internet so I could spend more time with my kids) around the same time as moving over to wearing almost strictly Merrell shoes. It wasn’t on purpose by any means but they allowed for me to never really worry about what kind of ground I was about to head into. From backyard shenanigans to our regular family trips to Jackson, Merrells were my shoe of choice. 


No more soggy feet after chasing down a kid or two through the mud!

I was actually pretty glad that they were supplying me with a new pair since my current pair had been through the Colorado Rockies, many walks through the Idaho Sawtooths, and many many other excursions. While the old pair still had a lot of life in them this didn’t mean I couldn’t use a new pair. Plus, the new pair (mid Ontario waterproof boot) was far more water resistant than the old pair. No more soggy feet after chasing down a kid or two through the mud! 


In any case, I honestly think if you are looking into a pair of hiking shoes, check these guys out. I’ve been wearing a pair for years and plan on wearing them for years to come. 

You can check out this particular pair here:


Helping our kids be a little healthier...


Something we are constantly doing with our own children is attempting to instill some level of awareness towards their own health. Whether that means getting outside and enjoying the sun, or deciding what to consume. Since we moved to Idaho we haven’t been able to enjoy the sun as often as we used to because it’s a frozen tundra 70% of the year. Which means us parentals (I know it’s not a word) have to push health in other ways while we’re still in charge. We already have our kids enjoying healthier foods (brussels sprouts are amongst their favorite snack foods), so we also try to bring in other areas where we can improve. Last fall we were able to focus on vitamins and this spring, it’s probiotics. Which brings me to one of our latest sponsors, Fortify Probiotics. They sent us some of their products to try out for a month and see what we thought.  Fortify Probiotics contain 11 probiotic strains, prebiotics as a food source for good bacteria, and researched strains to support digestive balance and immune health*.  We let our five year old be the one who tried them out and he loved them. Though, I’m unsure if he loved the act of taking them more than what they did. As for the wife and I, we didn’t mind knowing that we were increasing our own personal health each morning. Though now that the sun has just started to peek its way back into our ice-box-state, we are going to go head out and enjoy the day!


Invest in a better world

Sponsored by COIN


Being a part of a society I feel like it’s important that we strive to discover ways to share prosperity. One cannot succeed without the help of others, so when success is met, it should benefit all. We were asked recently to share with you a new investment tool called COIN. I actually love the notion that COIN presents. COIN invests your money and invests in a better society simultaneously. I think this is a concept that should be spread across more businesses.


The concept of sharing is something that any parent can likely relate a struggle with. For some reason or another, when we “own” something, it becomes difficult to hand it over to someone else. This is especially true in the mind of a child. However, as adults teaching young ones about the importance of sharing we should probably aim to act by example. Not just in ways that our children can witness, but in ways that cement the concept in our own minds.


If investments aren’t your thing, not to worry. There are countless other ways that you can share your own prosperity with those around you. To help lift up others much in how others have lifted us up. How will you practice sharing prosperity?

If you are interested they are running a launch promo to receive $50 when you invest your first $100 at www.investwithcoin.comuse promo code COIN2019



When Nature’s Way contacted me about doing some images for them I was thinking maybe of doing some basic photos of us just using their product… boring! While that would have been fine, and we would have shown off their product just fine… it didn’t align with what we like to share with you guys. Magic. How was I going to make vitamins magic?

Getting back into the groove of school with Philips Hue

We were recently asked by Philips Hue to share some of the benefits we’ve seen with their products. We’ve actually been using their products for a year before they even got ahold of me. I love new tech and jumped on the opportunity to work with them because I enjoy their product so much. With so much chaos around the Murray household we try to increase any kind of efficiency possible. We have our lights set to fit our schedules with the kids. Not only can you activate the lights with your favorite smart home assistant, you also have the option to set colors. This is actually incredibly fun for our little four year old. Each night he picks a new color for his nightlight, it’s helped turn our bedtime routines into a game. 

Now, for the image. Since the holidays are coming up, all of which offer their own brand of magic I decided that I wanted to create a family of lamps to help out our 4 year old with his learning. Learning in itself is a kind of magical process, so that’s why we created a story with a bit of that very same magic.

The Mad Diaper Scientist!

The Mad Diaper Scientist!

By now it is no secret that we work with brands to create images and share them with you. Now our friends over at Pampers have asked us to share some details about the science that goes into their diapers. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to fly out to Procter & Gamble‘s headquarters in Cincinnati Ohio (the parent company of @PampersUS) so I could check out what they’re doing with diapers these days. Honestly, they’ve got some cool tech. Apparently there’s

Our Family Dynamic and Incredibles 2

Our Family Dynamic and Incredibles 2

Cooking perpetual meals for unaligned appetites. Carpooling between three different locations in the span of a few minutes. Meeting the individual demands of four dependent yet different minds, some of which contradict one another. Perpetually assuring that a newly mobile baby doesn’t find herself in peril danger while her super hero brother flies through the house looking for villains…

The Octogenarian Grandma and the Unethical Pawnshop Owner

An octogenarian grandmother was cleaning out her home and in the clutter was a dusty old watch. She had no recollection of the watch’s history beyond the fact that her husband wore it on a few occasions with outfits he felt went well with the timepiece. She thought nothing of it and placed it in the box to take to the pawnshop.

Fine. I'll *blog*

Alright... so here it is, the honest truth. I want to write about something but I'm afraid to publish. I want to call out an entire industry, but fear that might slow down sponsored posts. I want to share my opinion on sponsored posts but shudder at the idea that some companies or agencies will find a reason to not work with me. What I want to write about is social media...

The Dolls

The Dolls

Our little girl has decided on a few new best friends. Dolls. She carries them around everywhere she goes. Tucks them in at night. Changes diapers (ironic given...

The Laowa 12mm f/2.8 - Review

The Laowa 12mm f/2.8 - Review

A few weeks ago the company making the Laowa 12mm f/2.8 lens contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing their upcoming lens. They have a lot of information on their kickstarter already so I knew what to expect: sharpness throughout, zero distortion (amazing for such a wide field of view), and a fast aperture, all packed into a nice compact collection of glass and metal.