March update! New Website!

Well, it's been a while since I had updated my website so when I saw that I was going to have to run through and get back to maintaining the site again I decided to just buckle down and simplify everything. From blog management to even purchasing and information. I decided to do this because managing a complicated backend while keeping my sanity was proving to be impossible. I didn't want to have to think about how my site was running any longer so I have selected a much simpler approach and have a company run the backend while I just focus on what's important, the content. I think this is going to be beneficial to anyone who was looking forward to reading some of my blog posts. I am going to make a genuine effort to start blogging more often. So what's new other than the site?

Well, for starters, next week I will be at Murphy's Camera in Louisville and Lexington, KY to discuss the new GFX. March 10th I'll be giving a small presentation on the camera and then I'll stick around a little after to answer questions. A month later I'll be having my final Louisville workshop. Awhile after that my wife will have our fourth child then we move to Idaho. Shortly after we get settled into our home state I will be going to China for some workshops and client work for a couple of weeks. As you can tell we are going to be quite busy the next few months. I'll try to keep up the blog posting and I do have a few more reviews to release. I've had the 5DS R for over a year now so it's time I give you my opinion on that camera and how it stacks up to the other high resolution beasts I've been working with. I'll also have pieces on the X-Pro2 and the X-T2. 

I do have some other things in the pipeline for this year and will be working towards some new endeavors. While it's a bit too early to announce anything, just keep your ears to the ground, I think some of this news is going to be awesome. Until the next post!