Put the Phone Down


Recently some of the tech blogs I follow have been focused on how electronic devices like tablets and phones can be addicting for kids. That we need to curb our children’s thirst for these glowing panes of glass and metal. However, I think something missed in these articles is that the consumption of information is just as addictive for us adults. From social media to news, we are easily consumed by these devices. It’s important to remember that we too should take a break from our “toys” and focus on the moments we have together.


The idea for this image came while I was hanging out with my oldest child, who was having a hard day. My wife was out to buy him some new puzzles to help calm him down. In those moments I decided that I didn’t want to have the phone around me. That was also when I thought I could use this very reminder. This image was made while he was cuddling with mom later in the day; still struggling to cope with whatever was pestering him. Thankfully he had mom so he was able to relax for a moment.


Now, I’m also going to address something that keeps popping up in messages/comments… I’m going to tell you something about my “edits.” I think a lot of people must believe that I’m using photoshop to create composite images (where you mix multiple photos to create one single image). The truth is, there is one single image on my entire instagram feed that is a composite. One. Everything else is just one image that was edited in Lightroom for contrast and color. That’s it. The question now is… can anyone find the composite image? If you think you can find it, write it in the comments. Then when you’re done, take a break from that phone of yours. ;)