Babies & Joy

Adrian C. Murray Baby

Babies find joy in the tiniest of moments; simultaneously giving a seemingly needless, albeit cute, triumphant response. Last night this little one was sitting in the living room with everyone and I could hear a feint grunt come from her direction. I noticed she was frustratingly shaking a bottle as if she were trying to extract non-existent drops of gold onto the coffee table. Being that she’s our fourth child I picked up on the cues pretty easily, she wanted a refill. I walk up to her and carefully pried the bottle from her ninja-grip hands, then gave her a reassuring nod. She looked at me in pure amazement. If looks could speak then hers at that moment would have gasped, “he understood me... and I wasn’t even trying to talk to him...” I came back a couple of minutes later with a bottle filled to the brim with that liquid gold. The smile on that chubby little face said it all. It was triumphant joy. Little did she know that all I was trying to do was prevent a meltdown that would have happened had I not heard the soft grunt at the other end of the couch.