Blogging - Again


It's now 2018 and we are officially re-innovating ourselves. "Re-innovate, you just made that up!" You are absolutely correct. To reinvent oneself would require a lot more than what we are doing. We are just looking to modify our brand to help share different aspects of our lives with less of a focus on the technical stuff. We'll share images we created, some of our experiences with different brands and products and other things. We've also removed our presets and editing videos for the time being. Perhaps we will re-release presets and videos at another junction, however, that's just not our main focus any longer. Telling stories has been our forte for awhile now and it will continue to be so moving forward. This is our family and our business and we feel that it's time that we explore other directions. Our blog is going to help us achieve that goal. Sure, we have short blips on instagram and Facebook, but this is where we will run everything and even share some more images and videos. Furthermore, while our brand is labeled under "Adrian C. Murray" the truth is, we are a family. The guy behind the lens might be the brand, but who are we kidding, our whole family is involved with this journey. If you think about Norman Rockwell, he was the name, but the subjects were of his friends and family. It takes a team to create. That's what our family is, a team. So welcome to our new direction! Drop us a comment and say hi! Happy 2018!