Sponsored by Alive! Multivitamins

When Nature’s Way contacted me about doing some images for them I was thinking maybe of doing some basic photos of us just using their product… boring! While that would have been fine, and we would have shown off their product just fine… it didn’t align with what we like to share with you guys. Magic. How was I going to make vitamins magic? It’s all in the name… Alive!. I was supposed to create a few images for them and what I turned this into was a small story we made using the ever favorite teddy bear… and friends! So take the next few moments and enjoy the short photo-story the family and I made for you in partnership with Nature’s Way Alive! Multivitamins…

Each morning is a new start to each day. So naturally we decide to start these mornings the best way possible… with a solid source of multivitamins that give our bodies the nutrients we need. We even have our family bear take these vitamins so he can walk amongst us. He takes the vitamins the same time the kids do. Though one day, our oldest child thought it might be a good idea to see if the “Alive” multivitamins could turn some of our other friends into furry additions to the family. Sure enough, after a few days of this messy practice the bear’s life took form. Now he helps ease the mornings with his fanciful stories from his plush world. Though, unlike like the rest of us, he doesn’t require a daily dose of his Alive multivitamins.

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