All Likes Matter

Guess what, when you "like" something on social media, it matters to that person and can indirectly affect that individual’s income. In continuation with my posts on social media I want to discuss an important topic: engagement. When you like something you are helping them reach their audience. Even more so if you comment. Same for when you save posts or share them. Why is this? The algorithm. 

This fact is what has born out these things called “pods.” Groups of people who are apart of message groups who create methods that are meant to show a higher rate of engagement and thus, allow posts to reach a larger portion of their audience. You see, the algorithm has one general goal, to make the most interesting content pop up first. The way it does this is by measuring several aspects of followers’ actions. It even measures how long someone views a post. The more engaging the post appears to be, the more Facebook and Instagram will place it on people’s news feeds. I’ve never been apart of pods or any ways to cheat the system. I believe in my own audience to supply this engagement. However, that does get quite mentally exhausting; that is a whole other topic that I’ll cover later.

If you’re one of those people who just glance through but don’t actually like things, you’re hurting that artist’s engagement. You aren’t aware of it, but that’s what is going on. If you do classify as that kind of person, it might almost be worth unfollowing them because at least their engagement rate isn’t harmed. I’m not actually asking for you to unfollow people, I’m simply illustrating a point that people may want to consider when they are on networks like Instagram. Social media is an entire industry now and it’s giving people the ability to market themselves like never before. Not only that, but some people are able to market for brands and that’s how they make their living. These people are typically called “influencers” and it’s a bit of a buzzword. 

Traditional celebrities really don’t need to have your engagement. However, if you see someone who’s just a family (think of The Bucket List Family) then that’s how they’re bringing in an income. That’s how they feed their families and put roofs over their heads. Some families, like ours, make a team effort to share content with you on a near daily basis. Your likes and engagement matter to them, a lot. If you see an artist who’s taking sponsorships then make sure you engage with them. Why does this matter? Metrics. You see, what an influencer can charge and who wants to work with them is directly related to how well their posts reach people. This is advertising in a new world. 

Furthermore, if influencers get sponsors then maybe investigate the sponsor's message a bit further. Read the content! Educate yourself on what’s being offered. That’s a large part of what marketing is, after all, educating people on what’s available. When we work with sponsors I see this as the digital equivalent of buying locally. They’re helping real individuals and real families who have worked hard to get where they are. Them sponsoring posts allows us to share our lives, our vision, our inspiration with no cost to you. When people enjoy the copious amounts of free material online, radio, or television, it’s paid for through advertising. Sure, we could develop products to sell to you guys, but then that takes away our ability to create content for you guys. 

So, next time you’re on social media and you see a creator who’s sharing sponsored posts, like their content! That supports them! Like, comment, share, invest just micro moments on them. Because they’ve been dedicating hundreds of hours for you.