Our Family Dynamic and Incredibles 2

Cooking perpetual meals for unaligned appetites. Carpooling between three different locations in the span of a few minutes. Meeting the individual demands of four dependent yet different minds, some of which contradict one another. Perpetually assuring that a newly mobile baby doesn’t find herself in peril danger while her super hero brother flies through the house looking for villains. Even though the only villains in this house are less of the evil genius variety and are more collections of various obstacles spread across the floor in a chaotic array of plastic and wood, appearing to be docile but can wreak havoc on any unsuspecting bare foot. 

It’s no secret that being a parent requires a certain set of skills. Some might even call these skills as “super powers.” Incredibles 2 was just released in theaters (micro review of it at the end) and we were asked by Disney Pixar and Clorox to think about what our parental powers are… Living in a household that perfectly follows the laws of the universe (where chaos always increases) can certainly bring about its own challenges. 

Finding a semblance of peace within the whirlwind of such an entropic environment is the super power my wife and I lay claim to. We manage all the aforementioned activities; but honestly, that’s just life. We do our part to ensure a clean and peaceful home for our children to thrive in, while simultaneously giving them freedom to explore their own chaos. 

Why don’t you take this moment and think about what your super parent power is? Maybe you can make six peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in under 60 seconds (only to have them devoured in 20). Perhaps you can wrangle three diaper changes simultaneously (I’ve been there, I feel your pain). Whatever you decide is your super power, the folks at Disney and Clorox have decided that someone from the cape-less-hero-brigade  deserves a reward for all their unsung super hero work. That’s why they’re doing a sweepstakes where one lucky winner will be flown to New York City, see the coolest sights, and shop at the Disney Store in Times Square, plus a few other niceties. If this sounds like something your mild-mannered-alter-ego might appreciate then head on over to the official sweepstakes website at Disney.com/bigcitysweeps! You can enter online every day or text the word “BIGCITY” to 347639 (message and data charges may apply).  

What are you waiting for, Syndrom to release you from his zero point energy ray? Cleaning is just the beginning. What comes next is Incredible. 

As for the movie…. well….

It was fantastic! I am a giant Pixar fan so naturally I loved the first one. Though, I personally think they have created an even better experience and story the second time around. They focused on the family dynamics a little more, the overall aesthetic was familiar but tweaked to be more cinematic. The storyline was great for the kids and focused on all the right things. I walked away and felt like even though the movie was about a family of supers, it was extremely relatable. The team over at Disney Pixar have been pumping out amazing visuals with compelling stories for years and Incredibles 2 is certainly near the top. At least on my own list.