The Mad Diaper Scientist!

By now it is no secret that we work with brands to create images and share them with you. Now our friends over at Pampers have asked us to share some details about the science that goes into their diapers. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to fly out to Procter & Gamble‘s headquarters in Cincinnati Ohio (the parent company of @PampersUS) so I could check out what they’re doing with diapers these days. Honestly, they’ve got some cool tech. Apparently there’s a lot more to diapers than meets the eye. Now that I’ve seen the details I am glad that we’ve been swaddling our little one’s in Pampers and more so now. See, babies can’t exactly tell you what’s comfortable or not, but I can tell you this, their latest diaper technology is pretty amazing. 


They’ve created diapers that bunch up as liquid is added so that they don’t sag down. This helps the new walker from having to waddle around. Then, they also have some amazing absorbent tech that is in the lining so it’s thinner when not wet. There is a top layer that is designed to soak water through and keep it away from the skin, which helps with diaper rash. The lining is also incredibly soft. When we had just the lining on the table we were able to glide objects across the surface as if we were playing air hockey, which meant an even softer surface on sensitive skin. 

Overall, I was highly impressed with what they had to offer. As for the picture. I had my wife grab my old dental school lab coat and let Greyson play the “mad diaper scientist” with his sister, the main diaper toting child of the house (though our potty trainee is still using some as well - she was just a little too tired to join in on the science fun). I think the creation of this photo may have given Greyson yet another character to play around the house… :) #SwaddledinLove #PampersPartner