Getting back into the groove of school with Philips Hue

We were recently asked by Philips Hue to share some of the benefits we’ve seen with their products. We’ve actually been using their products for a year before they even got ahold of me. I love new tech and jumped on the opportunity to work with them because I enjoy their product so much. With so much chaos around the Murray household we try to increase any kind of efficiency possible. We have our lights set to fit our schedules with the kids. Not only can you activate the lights with your favorite smart home assistant, you also have the option to set colors. This is actually incredibly fun for our little four year old. Each night he picks a new color for his nightlight, it’s helped turn our bedtime routines into a game. 

Now, for the image. Since the holidays are coming up, all of which offer their own brand of magic I decided that I wanted to create a family of lamps to help out our 4 year old with his learning. Learning in itself is a kind of magical process, so that’s why we created a story with a bit of that very same magic.