Invest in a better world

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Being a part of a society I feel like it’s important that we strive to discover ways to share prosperity. One cannot succeed without the help of others, so when success is met, it should benefit all. We were asked recently to share with you a new investment tool called COIN. I actually love the notion that COIN presents. COIN invests your money and invests in a better society simultaneously. I think this is a concept that should be spread across more businesses.


The concept of sharing is something that any parent can likely relate a struggle with. For some reason or another, when we “own” something, it becomes difficult to hand it over to someone else. This is especially true in the mind of a child. However, as adults teaching young ones about the importance of sharing we should probably aim to act by example. Not just in ways that our children can witness, but in ways that cement the concept in our own minds.


If investments aren’t your thing, not to worry. There are countless other ways that you can share your own prosperity with those around you. To help lift up others much in how others have lifted us up. How will you practice sharing prosperity?

If you are interested they are running a launch promo to receive $50 when you invest your first $100 at www.investwithcoin.comuse promo code COIN2019