Helping our kids be a little healthier...


Something we are constantly doing with our own children is attempting to instill some level of awareness towards their own health. Whether that means getting outside and enjoying the sun, or deciding what to consume. Since we moved to Idaho we haven’t been able to enjoy the sun as often as we used to because it’s a frozen tundra 70% of the year. Which means us parentals (I know it’s not a word) have to push health in other ways while we’re still in charge. We already have our kids enjoying healthier foods (brussels sprouts are amongst their favorite snack foods), so we also try to bring in other areas where we can improve. Last fall we were able to focus on vitamins and this spring, it’s probiotics. Which brings me to one of our latest sponsors, Fortify Probiotics. They sent us some of their products to try out for a month and see what we thought.  Fortify Probiotics contain 11 probiotic strains, prebiotics as a food source for good bacteria, and researched strains to support digestive balance and immune health*.  We let our five year old be the one who tried them out and he loved them. Though, I’m unsure if he loved the act of taking them more than what they did. As for the wife and I, we didn’t mind knowing that we were increasing our own personal health each morning. Though now that the sun has just started to peek its way back into our ice-box-state, we are going to go head out and enjoy the day!