Updated Website + Prints!

It finally happened. I have started to allow full prints of my photography. I didn’t think this day would happen since my subjects are my children. I intended to simply start doing landscapes, then I realized I don’t have a large enough collection to start doing just that. I also remembered that these photos have been seen millions of times anyways. So what does a few prints hurt. Not to mention they’re already in magazines across the world. So without further ado, go head on over to the prints shop and check out what I’ve made available. [UPDATE - Prints are no longer available commercially. If you’re interested in a particular image, please contact me individually through my contact page]

Also, I have updated the website a little bit. Added some polish, and changed some of the options. I originally made the website over a couple of days and it showed. This time I will be taking it slow. There are more additions heading to the site like a new payment method for the print shop, the gear section will be updated and in more detail, the print store will get updated with more options, I will probably add a couple of videos, I have plans to make my Lightroom Presets available for Photoshop, the home page will get some more information, and I’ll try to keep up with the blog a bit better. I also did some behind the scenes work for the website so it should be many times more reliable than it was before (ditched my old server for a cloud solution). It’s a bit more coding work on my end, but its worth it to be able to trust that my website is working properly. Oh, you thought I let web developers run my site? Ha! I’m far too big of a control freak to ever let that happen.

The Children’s book is still in the works. I’m stretching myself a bit further than I should be right now. Wife, two kids (and another due to arrive any day now), dental school, business, and such… that some of my projects have to take a bit longer than I want. I could probably have whipped something together over a month or two, but I felt like I wanted a deeper connection with it, so I’m letting certain things marinate a bit longer. I want quality, not just something I pieced together in the last minute for a quick buck. This book’s existence is primarily meant for my own children, and if other’s want it, then it’ll be available to them. There you have it, the main update! I hope you’re all doing well.