What Have We Been Up To?

Hello, friends!

It’s been awhile since I added material to my blog and I apologize for that. I was trying so hard to focus on school that some of my extracurricular activities took a lot of downtime. Well, incase you missed it, school is no longer a factor for me. I am now pursuing photography as my career. Good bye dentistry and hello imagery! I’ve been up to a little bit since I started making this transition. First and foremost, I started a Kickstarter campaign for a book complete with my work. If you want to learn even more about that then you should check out the interview I did with 500px. Secondly, I’ve since added some new gear to my collection. A Canon 5DS R and bought into the Fujifilm X system. Since getting into Fuji’s system, I’ve been contacted by their US offices and am currently developing a working relationship with them. I only want you to be aware of that so that you have full disclosure when reading reviews like the one I just did for the X-T1. That being said, I wouldn’t work with a company that I didn’t feel produced quality products or had a good rapport with it’s customers. I feel that in my short experience with Fujifilm that they are above an beyond what I’d expect from an imaging company. I am in the middle of updating my website and redid my watermark/logo. I’ve also begun to set up one of my first international workshops which will be announced shortly (stay tuned for more info on that). Speaking of workshops, I will be moving forward with building up a list of areas where I will be hosting workshops soon. I am also developing new presets and will have a new set of videos coming out shortly. If you want to stay informed about all of these and more, please use the subscribe section at the bottom of the page! I will also start doing Live videos on my official Facebook Page so be sure to sign up for my Facebook events/notifications to stay notified of when I’ll be doing those videos. Another little fun thing we started to do at the Murray house is started up an instagram account for Emerson’s service dog, Charlie. She looks like a giant teddy bear so we called it, “Charlie the bear dog.” In her first 24 hours she has nearly 500 followers! Who know people loved dogs so much? Other than that, feel free to comment below to let me know what else you might like to see from me in the future.