What Type of Light do I Use? Why?

Light. It’s the very foundation of photography. Without it (and the lack there of) we would have nothing of interest to see. Control light and composition and you rule the king and queen of an aesthetically pleasing image. This is why I’ve been asked about the lighting in my photos about a thousand or two times (I’m being quite literal here). Fortunately, I can do a blanket article to answer this question.

I use 100% pure available light. Beyond that, it’s primarily natural light. When indoors I like to utilize a window (as I’m sure you’ve noticed). If outdoors? Well, I think you could probably figure that one out.

While my use of natural light may appear obvious to you, what might not be obvious is that I do not even use any kind of reflectors balance my image. Ever. Some people think that this is ludicrous. Why not use tools that you have so readily available? The answer is quite simple. I don’t have the time or the extra pair of hands. I do own a set of reflectors, and even an external light setup. However, they’re both just collecting dust. I’m not even sure I know where my reflectors are… What I do instead is study my environment and understand how the light will look from different angles. Then I make sure I edit things in post to properly balance an image. If you’d like to see more on how I edit, you can check out the resources page on this site.