Welcome! If you've come here you must have received a note from us. As mentioned in the letter, our little family of six has just moved back to Idaho Falls and we are extremely glad to be home so we can jump into the community and make this home. My typical work revolves around producing content for larger companies like Procter & Gamble, Dole, Disney, UNICEF, and others. I've been published across the globe but thanks to the internet shrinking the world, I can do all of this while living in Idaho Falls. That's why I'm also able to bring my services to you. 


Not a just a Picture

We've all done the traditional photo session at some point or another. A group of people will get together and stare blankly at the large chunk of glass with plastered smiles. While these pictures do a fine job of capturing what a person looks like on that given day, it doesn't really tell you much more than that. Unless the picture was taken on a significant day, there isn't typically a story to go along with it. While these photos are important to record our lives, I personally feel like there are other options. That's where I come in. 

A camera as a paintbrush

Each artist has their own tools and methods to create. My tool of choice is a camera. I strive to create works of art that tell stories and capture the essence of the subject. That is why I ask you to not think of hiring me as a photographer and instead see it as commissioning an artist to create a timeless piece that you can proudly hang in your home for decades. 


Prints that Make Statements 

In today's digital world we are seeing less and less printed material. While a large part of my business is operated online, I believe in the tangible world. Hence, the goal is to create a large archival print for you to adorn your hallways with. Something that you can enjoy each and every day. A permanent keepsake that not only brings it's own aesthetic value, but also has it's own intrinsic emotional value to you.  

The Process

First of all I like to meet the family and get a sense of who you are. This allows me to better capture the individual(s). Once that's done we select a day for you to come to the studio. Later, all you need to do is hang the print in your home. 

Where to begin?

Simply get ahold of us through the the email link below to learn where to go from here.