About Me

It seems as though everyone refers to themselves in the third person for this section. Rather than follow the norm, I'll write as though I'm speaking to you. My name is Adrian C. Murray and I taught myself photography largely while I was attending dental school. During that time I also found that my passions laid deeper in the art than I once imagined and so I ended up leaving the world of teeth behind for something I felt would be a bit more rewarding.  

I entered into photography with the singular goal to capture my children while they grew up. I've heard too many times that "they grow up too quickly..." That's why I wanted to get as much of their lives recorded as possible. This is something I do through storytelling imagery and I envision that these moments will be cherished long after they were frozen in time. Since then I've diversified my work into more aspects other than simply childhood photography, another avenue I direct my lenses toward is landscapes. There's something about being in nature that resets the soul. 

After discovering a passion for the art of photography I have since turned this into my livelihood. Throwing in another cliché phrase, if you do what you love then you never work a day in your life. That's partially why I made photography into a career. I love what it offers people. Imagery is something that has been incorporated into humanity since the days when men resided in caves. It continues to have a special place in our hearts because imagery can instantly transport us to another time and place. 

To help bring food to the table I have ended up creating a few instructional videos and Lightroom presets for fellow photographers. I also take clients and offer personal workshops. My blog has some of my own personal insights to gear as well as a few other tid-bits. So please, feel free to peruse through my little slice of the internet.